Adam Farid

Adam is an audit professional with a strong interest in the vibrant and dynamic landscape of Singapore’s business and professional sector. He is eager to learn more about the latest developments and trends in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field. Whether it’s networking with various industries or being up-to-date on the latest news and insights, he is dedicated to staying at the forefront of Singapore’s professional and business world. Adam invites others to join him as he explores one of his several hobbies.

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) – Buckle Up Or Beat It?

Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) often stir up negative emotions among employees. These plans are initiated by managers with the intention to address performance issues and provide a roadmap for improvement, but they're sometimes misunderstood as a sign of imminent job loss. Let's dive into what PIPs are really about, their purpose, and how employees can approach them constructively.